The Coverage page on is an important step in the purchase flow for potential customers. The page explains Republic’s unique service offering—WiFi for calls and texts when it's there, and standard cell service when it's not—and then directs users to the best phones within their coverage area. We launched this page along with a new set of plans and phones, creating an entirely new product experience at Republic.
To illustrate the technical aspects of interchangeable WiFi-cell coverage, I designed a scroll animation that annotated a character’s coverage as he walked in and out of WiFi range. The text overlay added context to the animation and related the technical terms to a user’s every day cell phone use.
I also incorporated content from the customer stories program, Heart of Republic, and the blog, Phone Wallet Keys, to highlight user-first reviews and features of Republic’s service.
I led multiple rounds of moderated and unmoderated user testing to validate my designs. I used these results to communicate the design direction to stakeholders and leaders across the company.
My work on this page paved the way for the current design and user flow of