Republic Wireless's blog, Phone Wallet Keys, is our favorite way to share meaningful content with our members. We share a variety of tips and tricks, ways to save, and member stories, all to bring more value to our members outside of cell phone service. 
The goal of the blog's redesign was to improve the reading experience of each article and make the content more searchable. While we were already providing great content to our readers, the previous design of the blog had unclear navigation, poor search functions, and was not consistent with Republic's brand. 
Improving the blog's navigation was the biggest challenge of this project. To solve this problem, I color coded each top level category. These colors are repeated throughout the blog in the header, icons, and headlines to help readers easily recognize the content. I also restructured the navigation bar to make each category and sub-category more clear and accessible. 
A cleaner, more curated reader experience has allowed the marketing team to amp up our graphic style and content strategy for the blog. 
The Phone Wallet Keys color palette follows that of the overall Republic Brand. A brand color labels each top-level content category and is used for page navigation and categorization. The logo system also uses these three brand colors. Each category's logo is a section of the main PWK logo, which abstracts the letter forms to create a square. 
The PWK logo uses an abstracted P,W, and K to form a square.