The Student Publication is an annual publication written and designed by students in N.C. State's College of Design. As designer for volume 37, I incorporated the theme "Neverlasting: Impermanence in Design Culture" into the look and feel of the book. The 100 page book was designed using two PMS colors and printed on an Indigo digital printer. 
The cover of the Student Publication emphasizes the theme "Neverlasting" with a blind deboss, gradient, and the abrupt end of a pattern. 
Overlay of the two PMS colors in a duotone image. 
I organized the articles in TSP into four categories: Research, Reflection, Creation and Process. I created an array of all 50 spreads, alternated the articles by category throughout the book, and then connected all articles of the same category with lines across the array. This techinique created a web used a graphic element throughout the book. The table of contents places each article in it's position in the array. 
Pagination webs used as graphic elements throughout the book. 
The opening spread for an article in TSP. 
An overlay of the two PMS colors in a duotone image. 
An inside spread of an article in TSP.
I used my handwriting to write headlines for each article following the theme of impermanence. 
An inside spread in TSP.