The junior level graphic design studio focused on branding, interaction and service design. Our studio worked with the Institute for Emerging Issues, located in Hunt Library on N.C. State's campus. Working with classmates Blair Jones and Lara Kozak, we developed IEI for Kids, a mirror organization that would deliver the Institute's mission and message to 4th and 5th graders. We worked together to develop the image, language and graphic elements of the organization and then each designed three touch points. My designs show how IEI for Kids would be implemented at school with online quizzes, a teacher's lesson plan book, and classroom posters and branding elements. All content was extensively researched and required an extensive design process. 
Basic graphic elements of IEI for Kids
Online quiz screen captures. Each quiz would focus on one of the IEI's four main issue areas. 
The Teacher's Edition would include lesson plans, a gradebook and worksheets. The books would be given to schools that partner with the IEI and incorporate a curriculum concerning the four main issue areas. 
Classroom posters focusing on each issue area. 
Branding elements to be placed around the school and home to promote positive actions concerning the four issues and give IEI for Kids a public presence.