Inspired by the Dear Data project, I documented my Summer 2018 trip to Europe with a daily data journal. I logged a different data point each day, from miles traveled to photo taken and time spent waiting. 
Day 1: Miles traveled from North Carolina, to New York, to Iceland, and finally to Zurich.
Day 3: Changes in elevation during the Planetenweg hike from Uetliberg to Felsenegg.
Day 4: Changes in emotions throughout our first day in Stuttgart, Germany.
Day 6: Beverages consumed during our last day in Stuttgart.
Day 7: Conversation topics during our 8 hour bus ride from Stuttgart to Prague.
Day 8: Number and types of photos taken during our first day in Prague, Czechia.
Day 9: Changes in weather during our second day in Prague. 
Day 10: Different views of the city while walking around.
Day 11: Time spent waiting during flight changes and delays on the last day of our trip.