I work hard and I love what I do.
I am a UX/UI designer working to elevate community journalism by improving the experience of reading, writing and publishing digital news. I believe a great user experience starts with a great reading experience, and I am very passionate about the intersection of UX principles and editorial design. 
As Product Designer at McClatchy, I have the opportunity to explore this passion through editorial projects that bring the quality of national news design to local papers. Previously as UX/UI designer for McClatchy Innovation, I worked with teams from markets and departments across McClatchy to create a holistic user experience for their project or solution through prototypes, user journeys, personas and user testing.
I am co-founder of Issue NC, along with Liz Moomey. Issue NC aims to start an open dialogue in our community and highlight the impact of national political events at the local level. Since launching in January 2017, we've covered how people votefeminismthe environmentpatriotism and education
I serve as Director of Impact for AIGA Raleigh, working to foster and promote diversity and inclusion within the design communityI also share my own articles about design on Medium and update Dribbble with in-progress work so that I am constantly creating and sharing ideas. 
I graduated from N.C. State University with a Bachelor of Graphic Design and Minor in Journalism in May 2015. I love chai tea, Jane Austen novels and chipmunks.