After celebrating N.C. State's 125th anniversary the previous year, the 2014 Agromeck Year in Review looks toward the future rather than reflecting on the past. As editor-in-chief, I wanted the yearbook to highlight the latest technology, trends, changes and successes relevant to the student body by including more social media and infographics. I worked closely with an assignments editor, photo editor, co-design editors and staff members to plan, generate and present content. I helped develop the design styles, wrote stories, designed spreads and edited all content. 
The dust jacket featured a drastic angle of Hunt Library, creating a futuristic texture from the facade.
The senior portraits sections of the yearbook included senior profiles that featured students with various plans after graduation. 
The opening spreads featured bright photos from defining events throughout the school year. 
The progress of Talley Student Union's construction was an exciting part of the 2013-2014 school year. 
News spreads featured a grid of campus, local, national and world news events.
The N.C. State Baseball team went on a historical run to the College World Series in the 2013 season. 
Hillsborough Hike is an event always covered by the Agromeck, but popular costumes and a map of Hillsborough St. make it unique to 2013.
We covered the Winter Olympics from a campus and world perspective by interviewing a student from Russia and displaying the medal count. 
"State of Flux" covers the unpopular "Our State" athletics motto by using student sentiment, varsity sports data and social media posts.
Sports profiles included a story, portrait and notable athletics events during the month. in December, the Agromeck profiled popular basketball walk-on duo "Battle Cannon."
President Obama came to campus for the second time in three years to announce the Next Generation Power Electronics Institute at N.C. State.