The 111th edition of the 2013 Agromeck celebrated the 125th anniversary of N.C. State University. As design editor, I developed the templates, paragraph styles, character styles, colors, and design elements for the book. I played a large role in the design of every spread and took on special projects such as the dust jacket, cover, opening spreads, and election section spreads.
The dust jacket for the 2013 Agromeck featured a map of N.C. State's campus. An informative, labeled map was featured on an inside spread to compliment the dust jacket.
The cover of the 2013 Agromeck featured a pattern found in the Brickyard, a popular and historic part of campus. The pattern was UV coated and all text is black ink. The cover itself is super-matte material. 
An opening spread for the 2013 Agromeck featured a double truck photo of the women's basketball team. 
The opening spread for the Hopscotch Music Festival featured a typographic headline over a double-truck photo.
A spread in the homecoming section of the 2013 Agromeck features the winner and finalists for N.C. State's Leader of the Pack competition.
The election section was a very important part of the 2013 Agromeck. The opening spread for the section features a timeline of major events throughout the election season. 
This spread features a photo illustration based on a Pack Poll that asked students which word first came to mind when thinking of either candidate. 
This spread features state and local election winners as well as blurbs on important issues in the election. 
This spread focused on North Carolina's role as a swing state by comparing data from the 2012 and 2008 elections. 
This spread breaks down the role of same-sex marriage in the election. I designed all the infographics, wrote the story, and did the layout for the spread.